I did some work for the SOP on some fuel consumption numbers in case we want to add an extra table for informational purposes. I still figure you gents would like to know the results regardless of whether it gets into the SOP. So here you go. FYI, I pretty much plan on using 1.5k+Bingo for my Joker for quick and dirty fuel planning from now on after this. Enjoy

Conditions: F-16 (Blk 52? with INSTANT ACTRION Air-to-Ground Loadout), Straight and Level, HDG HLD and ALT HOLD engaged, Altitudes +/- 100' MSL, 7000+ LBS of fuel, as read from the Fuel Totalizer.

1.3k LBS @ 1000' MSL
1.1k LBS @ 5000' MSL
1.1k LBS @ 10,000' MSL
0.9k LBS @ 15.000' MSL
0.7k LBS @ 20,000' MSL
0.6k LBS @ 25,000' MSL
0.4k LBS @ 30,000' MSL