To all 72nd VFW Members:

This months event is an LFE planned by our own Stretch. Also, we've extended an invitation to another VFW to join us this month and I am excited to announce that this will be a joint mission with the 440th VFW! 

We have a FRAGO for this next LFE. Due to the increased interest from both wings, Stretch has done some retooling to accommodate more pilots. This will be one of the biggest missions in the 72nd in recent years.

It appears that NATO command has received some intel on impending airstrikes on Israel and wants to preempt Iraq's attack with one of our own.

Here are your updated training objectives for this month:

1. Successful highspeed low-level ingress, bombing, and egress of a defended airfield.

2. Effective suppression of AD systems using SPICE bombs or Delilah missiles.

3. Successful implementation of 2vX tactics from BVR into the visual arena with AIM-9 and 20mm only.

We will still be flying in the ITO theater so start perfecting your tactics now. Keep an eye on the forums for more info.  Sign up HERE!

Zeus Sounds great! Looking forward to it.
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Zeus Hi guys, I see the mission has been updated / changed...sounds like a good one. Which variant of the Viper will we be f...